Research group

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr Peter Morley: Postdoctoral Researcher on the ForeSight Project leading remote sensing of drought impacts on forest health

Dr Guangqi Li: Postdoctoral Researcher on the ForeSight Project leading assessment and modelling of climate impacts on tree growth

Dr Albert VilĂ -Cabrera: University of Stirling Anniversary Research Fellow focussing on the impacts of drought on tree growth and productivity

PhD Students

Anna Deasey – The determinants of tree species distribution in tropical forests

Erin Stoll – Understanding the impacts of tree range shifts on below-ground carbon

Kirsten O’Sullivan – Understanding the impacts of climate change on the distribution and function of tropical montane forests

Tom Ovenden – Characterising the impacts of extreme climatic events on UK forest productivity

Sarah Watts – Improving outcomes in montane scrub restoration